What I’ve been up to . . .

I’ve sewn a ton and blogged none.  Let me see if I can get you caught up.

I made bathrobes for my daughters for Christmas to round out the whole family having bathrobes.


I made a Blackwood cardigan for a friend. It was fun and challenging to sew for someone a different size than me.


I finally got around to making the Toaster sweater by Sewhouse 7.  I made both views.  I made view 1 three times.


I made a bunch of pajamas for the boys.

I made another Kila tank dress.

And another . . .


I made a bunch of reusable gift bags for both Christmas and Birthdays.

I refashioned one of my old maxi dresses into a Mandy Boat tee.


I also made a bunch of costumes for my son’s school play, Cinderella. I made way more than is pictured.

I made the stepmother costume my son wore.


I started making a capsule wardrobe before the costume thing popped up. (More to come about that)

And most importantly . . .  I bought a new sewing machine and serger.



I’m sure there’s more to tell but that’s a fast and dirty catch up.  I’m currently trying to figure out how much I want to commit to myself to blog.  I do enjoy it, I’m not certain as to why it’s become so infrequent since my challenge ended.  I’ll let you know what the plan is soon!  Happy Sewing!

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