Week 4 of 52

So much of my sewing is centered around inspiration, consequently, I have a lot of non-practical clothes in my wardrobe.  One item I recently made that I’ve found to be super practical is these shorts.

These are by McCall’s pattern company, pattern number M7726.  These shorts are view A but with the sash from View D.  I added three inches in length and made size 16.  I might be able to size down to a 14 so I might try that in the future.  For the present time I just remade the shorts exactly how I made them the first time.  My plan is to make at least 4 more pairs black, dark gray, pink, and cream.

For this weeks project I have three pairs of shorts and matching shirts as my task list but I don’t know how far I’ll get.  As of writing this portion of this post I have one set done and another started.

The first pair I made was cream shorts with a navy shirt.  I love how they turned out.


Next up is this combination . . . which I’ve finished the shirt but am just getting started on the shorts.  The shirt is called the Stasia Tee.  It’s a pattern by Sew Liberated.


The last color combination is this . . .


Well, I did it!  I got the second pair of shorts done!  I love how they turned out, but I didn’t love working with the pink sportswear fabric.  The pink were the hardest to make so far because of the fabric.  It just goes to show you how much that the type of fabric not only changes the experience of making the garment but also can change the result.


How cute is this combo?  I’m in love and the funnest part is it works with the capsule wardrobe I made earlier this year.

You can read about that here . . .


Next week’s project will be a dress I finally have enough fabric for.  No sneak peek for that one.  See you next week!


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