13 Helen’s Closet Blackwood Cardigans and Counting . . .

Hello Friends,

Guess what I’ve been doing, sewing . . . a lot.

I usually prefer to make one of something and move on to the next thing.  I’m interested in trying new techniques and learning new construction methods, but this pattern, the Blackwood Cardigan, stopped that habit and I found myself making it again and again.

As a matter of fact, I made one in nearly every color!


If gotten so much use out of all of them already.  As I sit typing this I’m wearing my pink Blackwood cardigan.  It’s cozy and just the right weight for a Texas, fall morning.

I’m not paid or sponsored, this is a great pattern.  It’s easy for beginners, pleasant to make, and the instructions are a dream to follow.  It was fun to make and super satisfying to have a new piece for my wardrobe so quickly.  Helen’s closet is the designer of this pattern and you can purchase it here for $14: https://helensclosetpatterns.com/product/blackwood-cardigan-pdf-pattern/

If you a new to sewing with knits I’d highly recommend that you look into getting a walking foot for your sewing machine, I won’t even attempt to sew on knits without it.  Sometimes I switch to special jersey sewing needles, but I haven’t noticed a huge difference when I don’t.  I don’t use a zigzag stitch but rather a specific stitch my machine has for knits, I like it much better than the zigzag.  I did a straight top stitch on the front band of this pattern.  It calls for the zigzag, but I prefer the look of the straight top stitch. That area of the garment doesn’t stretch much, so I don’t think it’ll be an issue.

Here are all my Blackwood Cardigans!


The next four are both the short view and long view of the pattern out of the same fabric.


  1. This was my first knit project and it came out so well it has given me the courage to do more with knits. Yours are beautiful and I especially love the mustard coloured one!

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  2. I bought the pattern and a sweater knit fabric (haven’t sewn it up yet) but I am Loving the textured fabric you used, beautiful! Can you tell me where I might find something similar?


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