Jumpsuit it is, week 19!

I posted a pic of three projects and let my Instagram followers vote on what they wanted to see next.  The options were a statement sleeve blouse, a keyhole halter style dressy top or a jumpsuit.  Overwhelmingly, people wanted to see the jumpsuit.  So without further ado, here is that project.


I took view B’s top and put it on view A’s bottom in size 14.  The fabric is a Nicole Miller scuba knit from Joann Fabrics.  The pattern itself was super easy and the project flew together.  I added one inch to the bottom hem and one inch to the crotch length (I’m 5’9″).  This is a great pattern for sewists that have some experience under their belt but are still in the beginning sewing stages.  The jumpsuit just slides up so there’s no buttons or zippers to deal with putting in!

The first time I put it on without the elastic in the waist, I pretty much died laughing on the floor.  It was horrendous.  The fabric choice at that point was a dire disaster.  Once the whole project was assembled I stood back and had to really think about if I liked it.  It’s a really unique piece and isn’t like anything I have or have worn.  It’s beyond comfy.  I’ve never worked with a scuba knit before and I’m sold on the fabric.  It’s comfy, has great structure and is easy to sew on.  Oh and scuba knit doesn’t wrinkle!

I’ve asked several people’s opinions on this one and they hesitate.  I think it’s outside of their comfort zone but I’ve decided I like it and am going to rock it.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next week it’s statement sleeves!  Jump back on next Sunday for that project!  Happy Sewing!


  1. You most definitely Rock this jumpsuit! I love that you tried the new scuba fabric, all the rage. No clue it didn’t wrinkle. I might have to re-think this material. Thanks for the tip! Love the slide show. Your outfit looks great in every position AND looks comfy! Nice job!

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