Burda 6570 with Minerva.com

Hey friends,

I’ve finished what I would classify as the hardest project I’ve ever completed.  My main write up on it will be featured on the Minerva.com website early next year.  It’s the last project I’ll do for them for a couple of months.  I have my own fabric piling up with projects I’m dying to do.  I’m excited to get started on those and share them with you.

But first . . . this.


This was the hardest project ever.  I hated the pattern and would not recommend it.  It says it’s for intermediate sewists but I call B.S,  I think you need to have made a lined jacket before attempting this one and/or an expert.  Brocades are always tricky fabric and I’ve never attempted a lined jacket before.  It caused so many moments of struggle, but it’s finished.

I love the result and can’t wait to hear what you think!




  1. What a spectacular make! The fabric looks amazing on you! Your sewing skill are through the roof! The details on this jacket are proof! You even matched your serger thread! How awesome is that! I usually leave grey in for just about everything!!!! LOL Thanks for sharing another great professional make! Thumbs up!

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