Day 50

Today marks the 50th day that I’ve been hanging at home for the Covid-19 pandemic.  There’s so much we can all say about this historic time, but in this space I’ll stick with the sewing side of things.

I really thought going into this quarantine that I’d be sewing like crazy.  I considered myself blessed to be trapped at home with my hobby.  Things have not turned out as I had envisioned.  My adult daughters are home to ride out at least this portion of the pandemic, so our numbers have once again grown to 7.  There are many blessings in having everyone together again but finding alone time for anything, let a lone sewing is hard.

My husband use to travel every week and now is home.  My kids were in school and now are home.  Like many people, my own personal world has transformed.  I’m not complaining because, frankly, I have no right.  We are fine.  I’m merely pointing out the obvious, life has changed dramatically and my sewing time has been sucked away with it.

This week I persevered at got into the sewing room to finish a dress I cut out last summer.  It felt beyond amazing to finish something and be happy with the result.  Sewing is truly so healing for me.  I instantly feel better once a project is complete.  I will continue to try to carve out sewing time between all of the busyness of my new normal.

Here’s what I made this week . . . McCalls pattern 7802.  I had cut out the dress so long ago I didn’t even remember what view I’d planned on making.  I unfolded the pieces and by process of elimination finally figured out what my plan had been.

I have to admit I was a bit shocked I went with the view I chose.  It’s a VERY plunging neckline and I just can’t pull off that level of cleavage.  I played with the front, cut out the less plunging view from my scraps and really struggled with whether I should tear it apart and swap the font for the less plunging version.  In the end I stayed the course and just wrapped the front over a bit to being up the neckline a little.  I’m very happy with the result.  I love the fabric and fit and would say the pattern was easy to work with.  Overall, it was a very successful make.

Original neckline design


I hope you are all well and safe.  I hope you are coping well with whatever life is throwing at you in this season of life.

Be well,


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