Week 41, 42 and 43!

Have you wondered if I quit?  Fell off the face of the earth?  Nope.  I’ve been sewing, I kept up with the challenge just not with the posting.

Me and my littles boarded a plane (yes, I brought fabric and patterns with me) and headed to my home state.  We spent close to three weeks with my parents and visited various friends and family.  It was a great time and best of all my mom has a fully stocked sewing room that I made use of on this “vacation”.

Sewing with my mom!

Week 41 was this dress that I brought the fabric and pattern with from home.  I was drawn to this fun asian inspired fabric and thought it matched up well with this simplicity dress pattern.


I hadn’t brought with buttons but dug through my mom’s stash and found these vintage beauties that matched up perfectly.  I love using vintage notions.  There’s something really special about giving them a place after decades of waiting.


The dress was much fussier to make than I anticipated.  The collar, buttons, zipper and details took time.  Overall the pattern was easy to follow and I had no issues.  I once again wish I’d thought to add pockets and noticed another sewist on Instagram made this and moved the zipper from the side to the back.  I’d say that was a smart move and would make the ease of putting it on and off increase.  If I make this dress again I’d move the zipper to the back, add pockets and skip the button holes.  I’d just allow the side pieces to be cosmetic rather than functional buttons.

I’m happy with the result.  It’s a very sweet and cute dress.




Next up is week 42!  For that I made this fun top with a fabric I bought at my favorite fabric store in Minnesota, S.R. Harris.  It’s a giant warehouse and a treasure trove for those of us not surrounded by good fabric sources.

I purchased a mother load of fabrics and immediately cut out this project.  I’m obsessively sewing up the fabrics I’ve purchased and should likely seek help, I’m obsessed.


I took the top of view A and combined it with the bottom of view C.  I’m not a belly shirt kinda girl so this was my way of getting to make this pattern and those amazing sleeves!

I’m in LOVE with the result and can’t wait to wear it!


Every single detail of this top is fun.  It wasn’t hard to make and the sleeve was so fun to construct.

And finally week 43!  I worked for hours on my parents’ basement and my mom’s fabric stash.  I sorted and folded her fabrics.  I snagged this fabric from her stash and she picked it up from the thrift store for next to nothing.  So this top cost me only the pattern cost of $1.99!

If you need a very easy project this is the one!

I made view B in size 14



I might be addicted to making cute summer tops so expect a bunch more.  I also picked up a bunch of knit fabrics on my travels and am going to attempt some pajamas.  My pajamas situation is bleak at best.  Every time I buy pajamas I hate how they fit after washing and can’t stand how they look.  My husband lovingly refers to all my loungewear as “I’ve given up clothes”, so it may be time for an upgrade.

See you next week!  Happy Sewing!



  1. Just wanted you to know I nominated you for Mystery Blogger Award in my latest blog! You have really inspired me! Check it out! No worries if you think it’s too much work, but I really think you might enjoy the process! Take care! Danita

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