The Burnside Bibs by Sew House Seven

I have been excited to make these since the first time I laid eyes on the pattern.  The are finally cut out and ready to go.  The pattern can be purchase here or here .  Since Indie patterns tend to be more expensive I picked mine up for 20% off while Indie Sew was celebrating their anniversary.


Pockets are in progress . . .


I have made the Sew House 7 Burnside Bib dress.  Here are those photos . . .


I fell in love with this pattern when I saw it in the Simplicity catalogue and again when I saw the Burnside Bib pattern.  I didn’t even realize they are basically the same pattern at first.

I screwed up when make the straps for the dress because I didn’t read the instructions properly.  I read them this time and the construction was actually different for the pants pattern vs the dress pattern.  I decided to go my own way on this and follow the guidance of the dress pattern.

I must admit that assembling the straps is my least favorite part of this pattern due to turning them right side out.  It’s a hassle and I have great tools for the job.  I’m wondering about other people do who don’t have a fasturn do.


This is by far one of my favorite tools.  My mom has one and not having one is rough if you make any narrow straps you need to turn right side out.  After I moved out and started sewing away from her fully stocked sewing room I started to see the value in some of her tools.  This was a must have for me.

I left the middle of the strap open and turned each side individually.  This is how it’s instructed to do in the Simplicity version of this pattern.


I used the fasturn to turn each side individually.


One side done, now the other . . .


The whole thing has to be top stitched so this hole will get sewn together in that process.


It’s looking so good!

I stitched together the sides with a baste stitch to check fit.  In the dress version I made I had to add a zipper even though I made the view with extra room and shouldn’t need a zipper.  That one was snug slipping it on and off and I didn’t want it to be unwearable if I gained 5-10 pounds.  I like clothes that can grow and shrink with you since, in my experience, being female means your weight fluctuates even when you are living a healthy lifestyle.

I think I’ll skip the zipper this time and keep on going!


The rest of the construction went swimmingly!  Here is the finished product!


I need to make more pairs immediately!  I AM IN LOVE!  They are freaking amazing!  The were a great pattern to make and they are beyond comfy!!!

Jumping for joy that I finally made them and love them!




  1. Dang. I love them both but especially the pant version. I just bought the Simplicity pattern for myself and am planning to make it soon; maybe in denim since yours look so good. Also, you just blew my mind with the fasturn. I had no idea that existed but now I know what to ask for for Christmas!

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  2. I LOVE those bibs! I recently picked up the Simplicity pattern and have plans to make it up, but this may have just landed the original bibs on my sewing list. Also the fasturn – I did not know that existed. Guess I know what I’m putting on my Christmas list!

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