Kentucky Derby Week 29


My MOPS group decided to do a Kentucky Derby themed tea party for the end of year meeting.  I happened to be making this dress and felt it was perfect for the occasion.  I also took a piece of pink scrap and whipped up a shrug to go with it.  AND I glued some flowers and feathers to this hat to create an ostentatious hat for the occasion.

The final look with hat!

The pattern was easy enough to follow but my choice of fabric proved problematic.  The rayon print has stretch and I really didn’t realize it, so this dress is a one and done.  I wore it to my MOPS event and will never again.  It stretched as I made it and more so as I wore it.  I would like to retry the pattern with a sturdier fabric because I think it’s a great dress.  This fabric was originally planned for a flowy kimono style garment, but I pivoted it to this dress much to my disappointment.

Overall, it was a huge learning experience and some of them are that and not much more.



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