I almost ruined it . . .

I found this dress . . .

The fabric was nothing to write home about but the color popped and caught my eye. I was debating between trying to just refashion it into a dress that was more flattering, but ultimately I decided that a quick fix would be refashioning it into a skirt. I didn’t take in process pictures but I originally just hacked off the top and tried to turn under a waistband from the material in the bust area. It was a disaster. It looked horrible and I probably could have made it look good for the photos but I knew I’d never wear it and it would be a waste. I forced myself to rip out the stitching I’d just done and rip out all the stitching for where the skirt met the bodice. It was stitched very thoroughly and I sat for over an hour pulling it all out.

Once I separated the piece that I was trying to make into a waistband then I cut it properly. I constructed a new waistband from that piece, reattached it and added elastic. I’m so glad I forced myself to do the proper job because I love the results.

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