Week 5 of 52

This is going to be a very anticlimatic post.  I made the same thing two weeks in a row.  I wanted to get started on my dress, but I was on a roll with the Stasia tee and the M7726 pattern by McCall’s.

Truth be told I’ve put on weight since we moved to Texas nearly two years ago.  I usually lose weight during the moving process.  Long days of cleaning, staging and prepping a house for sale, usually leans me out.  The stress and busyness means I forget to eat in the chaos and slowly the pounds slide off.  Once we arrive in our new home, the pounds find me again.  The built up cortisol lends itself to storage issues.  My body slowly recovering from the moving trauma means I gain about 10 pounds.  I’ve seen this cycle repeat itself again and again.  This time it’s been different.  As I approach my 40s my body seems to think storing food is better than burning it.  Last years shorts were a minefield of disappointment as I tried to shove my body in them.  It’s been challenging to dress my current figure when my mind is still looking for a body that is 15-20 pounds lighter.  This is why this weeks sewing is a repeat of last weeks sewing.  I love these shorts.  They are super comfortable and I feel good in them.  Feeling good in your clothes is such an important part of having the energy to exercise and eat right.  If all you are is discouraged all the time, it doesn’t help improve the situation.

This week I made three more pairs of McCall’s shorts and two Stasia T-shirts.  I have two more shirts on my sewing table cut out from scraps and a pair of khaki pants out of the same McCall’s pattern but just a different view.  I’m on a roll.  I know the construction of these really well so I’m trying to get all of them made that I want and need.  I can make the tee shirts in an hour, I’m getting pretty fast at the shorts too but those are still hours of my time.

My favorite pair I’ve made so far is from the leftover chambray I had from making these burnside bibs.

They turned out amazing.  They look like denim shorts but they are actually comfortable and not binding.

I finished these black shorts from a rem I had from a different project and made this red shirt to go with them.

The last pair I made were these dark gray shorts in a light weight suiting fabric.  I made them and a green shirt.  The green shirt I wore all day yesterday but didn’t take good pictures of.  This is the best you get.

I made the dark gray shorts a little tighter to see if I needed to go down a size but I think the 16 is the right size with most non-stretch fabrics.

I’ll get my dress cut out today and hopefully that will be what I post about for week 6.  I’m making the dress version of this pattern.  I made a shirt from it a while back.


I don’t think I ever posted this shirt on the blog.  I’ll have to take new pictures and post about both.  I’ll likely never make those sleeves again, but more on that next week.

Happy Sewing, Friends.

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