Two Amazing Projects

School has started back up for me and the end of the summer was rough as I realized my time would be spent studying and not sewing. I love sewing and I missed it during the months I did school. I’m determined to make sure I spend some time sewing no matter what this semester.

I had this vision for a pair of pants. I wanted to combine what I liked about two different patterns and the results were amazing! The finished project is exactly what I envisioned.

I made M7547 a few years about and I loved the fit in the butt area and I like the fit in the legs. I’ve make M7726 about a thousand times now and I love a lot about it but I don’t love the leg width for view B. I wanted full-length pants with the top of 7726 but a leg fit like 7547.

I laid the pattern pieces together and traced the top of one and the bottom of the other and here is how it turned out.

The top stitching is amazing, the fit is great. I love them. I can’t wait for cooler weather.

I’m going to make another pair and I might try to take a little of the front crotch away but the paper bag style does make them a bit baggy with those pleats.

I was on such a sewing roll that after I finished these pants I mended two other sewing projects that needed tweaking and then I made my first purse!!!!

I found this beautiful vinyl rem at the store and I used a magnetic clasp I had in my stash to make this!

When I make this again, I will do so many things differently. I learned a lot. This is a far from perfect project but I’m really proud of it. I customized it with a pocket for my phone on the back of the purse for easy access.

I made my shirt as well. The camo knit shirt is an indie pattern called Westminster by Styla Patterns. I love this whole combination but I’m so proud of the purse and pants!

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