Refashion + New make

I’m not feeling like writing today so I’ll jump straight to the photo. I found this . . .

I found it at a local thrift store that supports single mothers. I paid $10 for it and felt like that was a lot at a thrift store but I justified it because the money went to a good cause.

I was pessimistic that I could do much with it but the fabric really caught my eye and I knew I had this linen fabric that would compliment it.

I found a Butterick pattern I’d never tried but I thought it would be something I could cut out of this top/dress thing and I wanted to do a paper bag skirt with the green linen.

The front and back pattern pieces fit. I had to use white lining fabric that I had on hand for the neck facing. That was really no big deal and worked perfectly. I decided to use a rolled hem foot for the bottom hem and the sleeves. This was a great, quick pattern that didn’t use a lot of fabric. I did view A but opted to not do the tie since I didn’t have enough fabric and I wanted to tuck it in the paper bag skirt so the tie wasn’t needed.

I modified my favorite pants/shorts pattern into a skirt and here are the results!

I love the silhouette! I was afraid I might hate the top because of the high neckline but because the fabric is so light I don’t feel like I’m getting choked. I modified the belt loops a little this time around and made them much wider. I liked the idea in theory but I’m not sure about the execution of them and have to think about it more before I do it again.

What do you think about this refashion?


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