Bathrobes, bathrobes, bathrobes

I’ve been terrible about blogging but not about sewing.  Since my last blog post I’ve made three bathrobes, a pair of burnside bibs (shorts version), nine Blackwood cardigans, a kila tank, a kila tank hacked dress, a tea house dress,  a Puglsey Addams costume, a Morticia Addams costume, and two Dogman costumes.  Pause for effect.  Yep, been busy.

I’ll tell you about all of them soon, but today I’ll catch you up on the bathrobes.  Back in April I made myself a fuzzy, comfy bathrobe using of an out of print Butterick pattern.  I was gifted the pattern by a friend.  It was fun to use something that someone else wasn’t able to.  The copyright on the pattern dates back to 2002.  So it’s not exactly vintage but it’s old.


Overall, the experience was fine.  There was a learning curve to the fabric.  I used my walking foot and that made it much easier.  I wouldn’t make this pattern again because I ended up using a simplicity pattern that has both children and adult sizes for my 11 and 9 year old’s bathrobes and liked that pattern construction so much better.  I’ll be making three more bathrobes for Christmas gifts and will use the Simplicity 1562 which is a current and in print pattern.


The top picture was before I finished the hem, which is why that looks a bit weird at the bottom.  My biggest complaint with this pattern was the sleeve.  The cuff finish was unnecessary and complicated for this thickness of fabric and beyond that the sleeves were horridly too long.


I chopped off at least 4 inches from the length of the sleeves.  I ended up skipping their cuff concept and just hemmed the sleeves to look cuffed.  Problem solved and much easier.

It’s beyond comfortable and I wear it almost daily.  This was definitely a smart make and it was coveted by all my sons who repeatedly begged me for one of their own.  One weekend, in early October I cranked out three bathrobes for my boys!  I like making them and by making three different patterns I learned a couple of different construction methods and landed on my preferred go-to pattern for a bathrobe.

I used a vintage McCalls pattern for my 6 year old’s bathrobe.  I can’t find a copyright on the pattern so I have no idea how old it is.  It’s a one size pattern and the pattern pieces as well as the instructions looked so different from today.


I think is turned out pretty cute.


For the older boys I used Simplicity 1562 which is my new go to pattern.  I’d make the pockets bigger next time but that was my only criticism.


They love them and wear them all the time.  It’s been one of my most worn makes for all of us.  And the cats love them.  They love the texture too and cuddle up with the boys constantly.



They look pretty adorable if you ask me!  Can’t wait to get the other three sewn up and ready for Christmas.  I know they will be loved by their recipients.

Happy sewing!




  1. The bathrobes all look great. I think you did the right thing cutting your sleeves back, I know that’s my peeve about my bathrobe. It’s actually a great idea to make these as presents, I must remember this for future presents. Thanks for sharing. Ps your cat looks cute.

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      1. Well, it’s really messy, but I serged everything and it was better that way. I only used my sewing machine for a few finishing touches. Tags, locking in elastic at the waist. ( for PJ bottoms) that sort of thing! The hoodies are waiting to be made. I’ll let you know how I feel after 4 of them!!! LOL I ‘m not trilled to work with it, but I know people will love what I make them. I’m willing to sacrifice some of my own comfort for theirs. 😉


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