My First Social Media Trolls

I wasn’t even planning on posting this make since I’ve made all of this before, but I just had to after I got a comment of “fail” on instagram. I’m approaching 1800 followers which really isn’t anything amazing but apparently I’ve crossed over into the troll zone because it’s a beautiful make and someone had to be negative.

I laughed so hard because it was so absurd.

First of all here is the make . . .

Clearly, I’ve posted many versions of these McCalls pants/shorts so I wasn’t seeing the need to post more. I just made these a couple of weeks ago . . .

I think I might even like the red ones better. I’m planning on making a few more pairs and I’m not sure if they all need their own post. I’m going to try to take a little volume out of the next pair in the leg but not much. I just love everything about this pattern and making them. I’m obsessed but this person just had to comment and the psychology behind negative comments fascinates me.

This fit is amazing and the color is on fire. Making pants in 100 degree heat is killing me because I have all of these beautiful new pants that I can’t wear. I’m looking forward to the winter so that I can wear my new winter wardrobe pieces.

There were actually two other negative comments that I got the very same day. They were all ridiculous but it was a good reminder that if the account grows more, there are bound to be more.

I’m not complaining, the sewing community is generally one of the most positive communities and has overall always been amazing to interact with. I’m very blessed to have a hobby that is loved by others that love to encourage and cheer each other on.

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  1. There are always people out there who love to say something negative. Don’t know what they point of that is, seems like a waste of time. Just to say that these trousers are beautiful. I can certainly see why you love the red ones so much, pity it is so hot to wear them out and about at the moment.

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