Week 9 – An easy Vintage

The holidays are just nuts.  I wrapped up this dress but I feel like there is no way I’ll be able to keep up through christmas.  I’ve been making things but they aren’t super exciting.

I love this dress . . . love.  It’s a great cut.  It fits like a glove.  It was pretty easy to throw together except for . . . the snaps.  It closes in the back with snaps.  Can we just talk about how much I now hate snaps.  First of all. I can now see why nearly no clothes are finished with snap enclosures any more . . . They are horrid to sew on and they pop open way, way too easily.  It certainly doesn’t make you feel secure moving around when you aren’t sure when you will become the victim of a wardrobe malfunction.

So now I’m trying to figure out how I can finish it off with a zipper instead.  Zippers are awesome.  Even velcro would be a step up on the snap situation.

What I’ve spent most of my time on lately after the family, house, cooking, kids, and college homework was these wreaths.

I whipped up nine for teachers’ gifts and gifts for friends and then I went on a sewing spree and made 7 aprons for christmas gifts.


So I’ve done WAY more than a project a week but they aren’t exciting to me.  I like trying new things and sewing things that challenge me in new ways.

I have one apron left to whip up and then I’m back to doing some of the stuff I find more interesting and challenging.

See you soon!



  1. Hi, I was curious if you would mind sharing the pattern that you used for the dress? It is beautiful!
    Thank you!


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