Week 34, a dress for graduation

Yesterday, while recuperating from Strep Throat, I FaceTimed my mom and told her I was thinking about sewing a dress for my second oldest child’s graduation.  I don’t have a large stash of fabric, so I showed her the five patterns I had narrowed the project down to.   After a few minutes of discussion, I pulled this fabric from my stash and this pattern.  I had all the notions I needed on hand, so the project began.

Simplicity 8594, Size 14, View C


I feel like this went together beautifully but the pattern itself has a couple of minor issues.  I thought that the directions for putting this view’s neckline together weren’t well explained, and the pattern piece for the interfacing is mislabeled.  So there is some confusion there, when you read the pattern piece it implies that you need to cut it out of the fabric but from what I could gather, you only need to cut interfacing out of it.  I didn’t make any mistakes because I took my time and really made sure I understood what I was doing before attempting things.

Weeks back I made this dress . . .

This Simplicity pattern 8330 calls for you to use interfacing on the entire bodice.  When making this black dress I made the executive decision that the structure in that fabric was enough to not need it, and I was right.  I did ,however, steal that idea for this pattern 8594, and used fusible interfacing on the entire bodice to give this this amazing structure while still preserving the flow of the bottom.


The dress fits like a glove, I made a size 14, did no adjustments and didn’t even add any length and here it is!

It even has pockets!

The neckline is to die for . . .


So I’m ready to go for my daughter’s graduation this Wednesday, with a me made dress!


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