T-shirt Refashion

My youngest son is taking guitar lessons and has been introduced to a lot of music that isn’t my type of music but is quickly becoming his. He really wanted an ACDC t-shirt but I couldn’t find any in children sizes in all the stores we stopped at. I found plenty of adult sizes but not children’s. The shirts for his size were $25 on Amazon and I just didn’t want to pay that when I could get one at Sam’s Club for $12 in an adult size.

I cut it down using McCall’s m7379. I’ve made the pattern for him before but in a smaller size. I traced size 12 and since I was changing styles from a regular t-shirt to a raglan I ran out of fabric and had to piece it together for the sleeves. He actually liked the effect. I’ve gotten braver about piecing scraps of fabric for makes ever since I heard on a Love to Sew podcast that before the industrial revolution even royalty had their garments made from pieced fabrics because fabric was so precious and harder to produce. Ever since then I just think, “If it’s good enough for royalty!”

He loved the result and I’m happy I could provide him with something he’s excited to wear.

The sleeves fit for royalty 🙂

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