Sequin Joggers? Yes, please

Yet another make for Feel free to follow the link to hear about the details of this make!

The top wasn’t talked about on the Minerva site. The top is the Westminster by Styla. Here is the link for that pattern.

I’m hosting a monthly sew along on instagram under the name, monthlysewalong. This was the pattern for the month of August. I think I pulled the elastic too tight but at first it was too loose and looked like this.

I need to find enough tension to tame the shoulders but not too much tension that it’s pulling at the neckline. I chose to do the square neck with the short sleeves and elastic. I’m working on the other version offered which is shirred sleeves. I like the pattern and the fit but in order to achieve that cute neckline the whole top is fully lined so it’s not an ideal make for warmer weather, it’s a better cold weather top. I followed my measurements and make the size 10 but I did print off a size 12 for the next attempt. The seam allowances are 3/8 inch so there isn’t any wiggle room if you need to let out a seam.

I’ll add the pictures of the next make to this post when it’s done so you can see the contrast in the different versions.

Happy Sewing friends!

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