Week 11 of 52

After months of being stuck at home we are finally getting away for a couple of days. On weeks that are going to be busy I intentionally pick projects that will be fast and easy. I’ve made a lot of Blackwood Cardigans already. I won’t say much since I’ve blogged about them before. It takes me about two hours to finish one if I don’t get interrupted or have to stop. I recently made a gray one and recorded it step by step and it’s in my instagram highlights.

Here’s the reddish, orange one I made for this weeks project. The fabric was very thin and although I love the finished product I preferred the other fabrics I’ve worked with. This one curled at the edges, so I had to do tons of extra pinning to make sure all the layers were caught when sewing.

If you are interested in the other Blackwood Cardigans I’ve made and what else I’ve written about them here’s the link.


Happy Sewing friends! I’m off to cut out my next project!

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