Week 10 of 52

Well, I have a lot to say about this weeks make and pattern. Awhile back I made myself this bathrobe.

Vintage Pattern Butterick 3655

It’s a great robe and I wear it a lot. Texas has a reputation for being pretty hot in the summer time, and it’s a well earned reputation. The above bathrobe is perfect for the colder months but very impractical in July and August. This weeks make is not an inspiration piece or something that was fun to dream up and make. This weeks make was a need. I needed something to throw on after a shower that didn’t have me drenched in sweat in short order.

A while back, I came across this pattern and picked it up because it was a “Sew your view” Instagram challenge a few months back. I never got around to making it during the month of the challenge but I need a lighter weight robe. This week it finally got it’s turn in the spotlight, and I have so much to say about it.

First of all, I’m not a fan of unisex patterns. I don’t know why I keep trying them. I’m a slow learner, I guess.

I also hate when they claim something is a two hour make. I should know by now that sets me up for disaster. I usually believe the claim and being that I’m at least an intermediate if not advanced seamstress, I think I’ll be able to accomplish their 2 hour promise. Lies, all lies. The facing on this robe, which I like, took longer than the others I’ve done. Because I used a knit fabric for the robe, it was fussier to get on than if I’d have used a woven. I pinned and unpinned the facing to the robe three times before I had it right.

Let’s talk about the pockets. I’m tall. I’m 5’9″ so my arms are a decent length for a woman. I can barely reach the pockets on this robe. I made size small and can’t imagine more petite women negotiating the pocket thing. If I’d used a woven fabric the look of the pockets may have not been an issue but in the knit they look awful to me and gape on my sides. Since they are too low, they also sit on the widest part of my body. I’m usually a huge fan of pockets but I’m going to have to take them off of this make.

I went by the measurements for choosing size small and I could have gone down to the extra small very easily. I’m not little. If I take the smallest size on a pattern then that’s a problem.

It’s beyond annoying to me to have to take the pockets off of this make now that it’s done, but it must be done.

I rarely want to uniformily throw away a pattern once I’ve tried it, but this one I do. It’s sitting on my cutting table right now and I’m debating it’s future.

Clearly this make is for wearing around the house so fit isn’t critical but that should make me easier to please when it comes to a pattern. This was a disappointment for sure.

Even here you can see the pockets sagging down.

Oh well, once the pockets are off, it’ll be cute and fit what I need it for. On to next weeks make!

Happy Sewing!

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