Week 12 of 52

Hello there,

I’m a bit late in posting. Why? Great question. Two reasons. First, we traveled. My parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this November and my husband wanted to do something special for them. We rented a beautiful cabin in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. We fished and tubed and had a wonderful time. Broken Bow is set up pretty well for a socially distanced vacation in this wonderful, new world we live in. It was a pretty labor intensive vacation to plan for since we brought all our food to feed 8 people for 5 days. There was lots of prepping and planning. In our previous visits to that location we would eat out at least a few times, but now we try very hard to limit our contact with people.

It was a wonderful, memorable trip but it was a lot of work ahead of time.

Next up is the main reason I’m playing catch up in the sewing department. I’m homeschooling my three sons. I never wanted to homeschool nor did I envision homeschooling all three. I left myself open to the possibility that I may need to if one of them hit a season of life where they needed it, but I never envisioned all three. I have massive respect for homeschool moms now and even teachers. I feel like I’m thrust back into a parenting intensity equivalent to parenting toddlers. My boys are 2nd grade, 5th grade and 7th grade, so I’m well into the parenting stage where they don’t need constant supervision. It’s been an adjustment to be interacting with them for so many hours a day. Its been good but very tiring.

My sewing room just stares at me. I lay on the chaise lounge chair searching for the motivation to fight past the fatigue to conquer my projects. Days have ticked by and the time I had to sew was wasted/spent laying in that chair trying to recover from this new season of life.

One of my closest friends was chatting about her lack of motivation to get her house cleaned and things done and she boldly announced, “I realized if I wait for the motivation it’s simply never going to be done!” And with that I climbed off the lounge chair and sewed a seam. She’s right, this is exhausting and will be for some time. I can either quit or rally and push through.

On that note, here is week 12’s make. I won’t say much about it because I’ve made these before. I’m trying to sew the things I know what the fabric is for instead of forcing myself to figure out projects from fabrics that don’t have purposes yet. So burnside bibs it is!

The only thing new and different about these verses previous versions I’ve made is I sewed a seam to create two rows for the ties. I saw this idea on instagram from another maker and had to try it out.

Burnside bibs are always a satisfying make and this orange color is making me crave all things fall!

And now onto sewing week 13 and getting caught back up with my challenge. Happy Sewing, Friends!


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