Scrap Sunday

Happy Sunday World, day who the heck knows in pandemic 2020! How is everyone doing? I live in Texas, USA and we happen to be one of the worst states for Covid-19 cases at the moment. Since the end is not in sight, we continue to hang out at home. There are tons of negatives and positives to our new reality. One positive aspect of staying at home is how it can force you to get creative.

I’ve been harvesting fabrics from clothing and housewares in the donation pile. I’ve done some refashions, finished some projects that were hanging out in the unfinished project bin AND found some use for fabric scraps that were laying around.

I mentioned this past week how great it is to find use for our fabric scraps and how annoying it can be to have a lot left over from a project but not enough to do much with.

I made this sweatshirt a few months back, after the pandemic started here in the states.

The fabric is a snuggle type of fabric sold by Joann Stores and the pattern is by McCalls M7061.

I loved how it turned out, but I was massively annoyed with myself for how much I had purchased. I had almost a full yard of leftovers and then a bit of extra. What on earth could I do with it? The fabric was too feminine for my boys, so I couldn’t squeeze a little sweatshirt out for one of them. I folded it up and stuffed it back on the shelf, massively frustrated with what felt like a waste!

It’s hard to tell from the pictures but there are flecks of silver in the fabric. Fun and feminine!

A few days ago I went on a cutting out spree. I cut out several projects and stumbled upon a pattern by a fellow Minnesotan, Sew North, called the Cedar Sweater. It might be 100 degrees out and no where near sweatshirt weather but inspiration struck. It’s a very short waisted pattern and I wondered if I could squeeze it out of the scraps. I did! I was beyond thrilled. I have been wanting to try this pattern but it’s very short waisted and I’m tall. This gave me the ability to try out the pattern as is with zero guilt of wasting fabric. I assumed when I first saw the pattern that I would need to make it a bit longer, but how long? When the bottom has a cuff instead of a hem, changing the length after construction can be more tedious.

It’s such a cute, fast make!

I sewed this together in less than 90 minutes. It’s so cozy. I’ll make it again when I find myself stuck with a yard of fabric left over from a project.

I’m excited to try pairing it with different pants, but that’ll need to wait until the temperatures find themselves further away from triple digits.

If you are interested in adding this must have, scrapbusting pattern to your stash you can find it here.

And now on to the next project! Happy Sewing, Friends!

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