Week 9 of 52

Guess what? It’s another week of a non clothing item! A few months ago I was watching Instagram stories and a fellow instagram maker was constructing a pouf from a free pattern by Closet Core Patterns. It was designed to use up your fabric scraps and then be stuffed with your fabric scraps so that they have a longer life, not just fill up the landfill. I loved the idea and immediately got the pattern.

Here’s the link . . .

It’s probably the easiest PDF I’ve downloaded and assembled so far. You only need to sign up for their newsletter to get it. This is not a paid partnership or advertisement. I’ve bought a few things from Closet Core. I paid for their jeans class and it was amazing. You won’t hate getting their newsletter and they have amazing patterns and products to browse. I can’t recommend their jeans class enough and I’ll be purchasing their swimsuit making class at some point soon.

I quickly whipped up my first version of the pouf months ago. I didn’t have the cording to make the optional piping and the scraps were piling up. I decided to baste mine together as I waited for the materials to be mailed by my mom. I often get care packages with sewing supplies from her stash, she’s now in her 70s and has moved on from making clothes and decor so her stash is slowly moving to my house and getting used.

I loved the pattern and I loved the result. It didn’t take me very long to stuff the pouf full and feel like I needed more. I’d love to make a couple of leather or faux leather for our living room but I haven’t found what I’d like to use for that.

Since I’ve been raiding the give away pile recently I decided to dig through that and found some blackout curtains that I bought for a previous house. They were perfect for a pouf project and they matched our theater room colors perfectly.

Here’s the first pouf I made without the piping.

The light gray and the dark gray fabrics were left over fabrics from these two projects. The fabric with words was a rem I picked up from the remnant bin at Joann Fabrics.

After I made my two new poufs I tore apart this one and added piping to it.

The first pouf I made for the theater room from the blackout curtains was this one.

I love how it turned out but it was not without its issues. I made the bottom too big and decided to construct a new bottom rather than rip out a zipper.

Since the next one was going to be a bit bigger I felt like it would look weird to have two exactly the same in every way except slightly bigger diameter. This bothered me so I decided to make a few more changes to the next one. It’s taller and is different in fabric combinations.

The larger one isn’t filled yet. It’s stuffed with pillows for the picture. I’m excited to get it filled as well but that means a whole lot more sewing.

My boys are excited about them. I went in last night to find them sprawled out on them playing video games.

Until next week, friends!

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