I think that there are many of us that sew that are bothered by the inevitable leftovers from each project. On the rare occasion that you finish cutting out a project and only have tiny scraps leftover, there’s a sense of accomplishment that’s overshadowed with panic. It’s great that there is nothing left to figure out what to do with, but it leaves no margin for error. If you have cut something out wrong or make a mistake, there is no more fabric to give you any cushion for problems. I think we are all very gratified when we stumble upon useful ways to use up those leftovers.

I made this pouf months back, using Closet Core’s free pouf pattern. I used scraps from two other projects and a remnant I picked up at Joann. The dark gray is stretch denim, the light gray is linen and the lettered fabric is a decorator fabric.

This will look better once it’s properly stuffed again.

Out of the scraps from this pouf project I’ve created another project! This sewing machine equipment holder and this scrap bag. I used a Simplicity pattern, 8532.

How cute is this?!?!?!

Once again, I used all stuff I had around the house. The pattern calls for ribbon and a button to attach the scrap/thread bag, but I didn’t have those. It also called for an embroidery hoop for the structure of the bag. This was also a supply I didn’t have and probably wouldn’t have wanted to use anyway. I made a slim strip of fabric that resembled the size of the ribbon, I had these clips in my stash and I used boning for the structure of the bag. I love it. I’m so excited to see if this keeps my floor cleaner and if it keeps me from constantly searching for my scissors and ruler.

I love how this easily detaches for easy emptying into the trash!

I think I have enough scraps to sneak out one more set of these. It’s so fun and refreshing to take a break from clothing sewing and both use up resources laying around and solve problems.

I can’t wait to show you what’s next. What else will I find laying around the house to transform?

Until next time! Happy Sewing!


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