Cedar Sweaters, round two

Awhile ago I made this Cedar Sweatshirt. I used a scrap I had and I made the raglan version of the pattern. The link to the pattern and original post can be found here. https://sewsanityblog.com/2020/07/19/scrap-sunday/

I feel like the length is awkward with the paper bag shorts and I decided to send this version to a good friend of mine.

This past week I made two new versions of the Cedar sweater patterns but I made the traditional arms this time and I do prefer them. The shape of the shoulders in this version is more flattering for my figure.

Both fabrics are fabrics I fell in love with but very little was available. This pattern requires so little fabric so it’s a great option when you end of with a small piece of fabric. I made the gray one this afternoon in about an hour. They really are fast, fun makes.

I do feel like the length is perfect with these new high waisted jeans I bought at Banana Republic.

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