Friday Flops are back!

Well . . . it had promise but it was definitely a flop!  Another grand idea I had when I started this blog was #fridayflop where I’d show the other side of sewing, the mistakes.  I have a few on here but there should be more.  There were more projects that just didn’t pan out or went very wrong.  It’s important for people to see those so that their own flops don’t discourage them too much.  Failure is a part of everything, it can be a great learning tool if you allow it.

This was the project I wanted to start this week!  BUT with keeping to the theme, after an hour of trying to lay out the fabric to cut it I finally submitted to the fact that I don’t have enough fabric.  UGH!  What a waste of time!  I ordered two more yards and pivoted to the next project.



I should know by now that jumpsuits aren’t really meant or me, but I’m a slow learner in this arena.  We know this due to me attempting 5 different patterns with elephant style pant legs before finally concluding that it’s not the pattern but rather my body type that’s not compatible with that style.  Oh well, that’s not the end of the mistakes this go around.


I decided that I wanted to try this pattern out but was very worried it would flop and didn’t want to sacrifice any favored fabrics to it.  I looked through my stash and found a fabric that I bought on impulse and admittedly regretted.  So I decided it was a perfect candidate to use to make a wearable muslin.

The model in the picture looks like she’s slouching in her outfit to avoid the dreaded camel toe.  I feel her pain.  As a person sporting a long torso I too have put on many one piece outfits in dressing rooms only to realize they highlight the number one area I’m not looking to highlight.  Oh the tales of ready to wear clothing disappointments . . . this is why we sew!  I knew I’d need more length than the pattern had, so I added one inch to the bodice bottom and one inch to the top of the shorts.  I also added three inches to the bottom of the shorts because my thighs are curvy and like to leave something to the imagination.  For instance, imagine them less curvy since you can’t see them.

Things were going swimmingly, I actually finished all the sewing in one day.  BUT!  Then I realized something I’ve realized before but clearly blocked out so I could realize it again.  If you are going to add length to the bodice, then you also need to add length to it’s FACINGS!  Ugh.  AND you need to add length to the pockets.  Seriously, I’ve made this same mistake before.  I made it work but would have had to recut out pieces if this hadn’t been a muslin.

The pattern itself sews up fast and easy.  It was a bit of a squeeze to get on for the first fitting and the laughter I heard from my 21 year old daughter confirmed what the mirror was screaming at me.  This was not a success.  She walked up beside me and I let her know this was the other side of sewing.  With ready to wear, you can try things on before you buy them.  With sewing, you need to know what works on your body and not get seduced by cute pattern drawings.  I have often lied to myself as I’ve bought a pattern.  Cute new styles that I know don’t flatter my body type, but once again, sometimes I’m a slow learner.

I’m not usually one to make muslins, but this was pretty liberating.  I think I knew in my gut this pattern wasn’t for me, but I still wanted to try it.  Trying it with fabric I wasn’t emotionally attached to made the experience fun.  When a flop occurs with treasured fabric it kills my sewjo for a bit, the disappointment hits a little hard.

This flop was actually entertaining and a great learning experience without the shadow of disappointment that usually accompanies flops.

I warn you, the project looks cute on the floor.  Do not be deceived!


I made the shorts version but with short sleeves.  It looks so feminine and delicate on the floor but on me I look heavier than I am and the sleeves in this fabric just don’t drape like they are meant to.  I think my biggest issue with most one pieces is the stomach area.  I haven’t pinpointed why they just are unflattering on me.  Also, my thighs need more room than this pattern and size allow for.  If this had been a success, I’d have let them out and added more room in for future makes . . . but this is not going to be a repeat make.

Without further ado . . . here it is on me . . .


Admittedly, it needs drapey fabric, but it’s still a little short in the torso length after adding two inches!


Um, just no.  I think that the fabric with the ruffles is just too sweet.  It reminds me of something that would look cute on a little girl.


Here’s where I fixed my mistake on not lengthening the facing.


That’s not how that’s suppose to look, lol.

Oh well, onward and upward, as they say!


Happy Sewing, Friends!



  1. Haha, I think it would be perfect for taking a 3 yr old to an American Girl Dolly Tea, but that’s about it!! I guess anything with ruffles once you are out of grade school might not be a good choice. Thanks for sharing!!

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