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Is is a flop or a flashback?

When I first started sewing again I started by using patterns and fabrics that I felt were easy.  I think working with wovens, calico type fabrics, is easy.  They don’t stretch, and they don’t slip while sewing.

I made this pattern and although the construction went well I’m fairly certain I’ll never wear the dress.  It isn’t flattering, I’m not impressed with my fabric selection and it’s not comfortable.  That’s basically the trifecta of not going to happen.

The pattern itself was easy to follow and I had no issues with it.  It’s just not my cup of tea.


I made views A and B, size 12


What do you think?  What patterns have you tried that didn’t quite meet your vision?

Friday Flop – It was good in theory


I did view D in Size 14

I saw this pattern and was perhaps fooled by the picture.  It felt dreamy and summery and I bought it.  Soon after I happened upon this ombre purple fabric, it was just a small rem.  I thought it would work great with this pattern.  I meticulously placed the pieces so that the ombre look wouldn’t be lost.  The construction went well and I felt really good about it until I put it on.



I am not impressed.  Obviously, it’s a shear and so I had planned on making a shell dress to go under it, but I was so underwhelmed that I’ve abandoned the project to the donation bin.

What can I say?  So many things can go wrong in sewing: the fit, the fabric, the construction . . . Sometimes the vision just doesn’t meet the result.  I have to remind myself that most good artists rarely display their flops.  Until next time!


Flop Friday – The Grey Skirt

So a few years back when Maxi skirts and dresses became so much more popular I snagged a grey maxi skirt from target.  I literally grabbed it and threw it in my cart and hoped for the best as I flew through Target with my three small sons in tow.  Shopping for clothes and actually trying things on was paramount to torture with my three busy boys, so I threw it in and hoped for the best.  I LOVED that skirt.  I wore it often.  Here it is, I went to a conference in Texas with my step-mother-in-law.


Try to disregard the hair.  The skirt fit like a glove and it was so comfy while giving the appearance of effort.  Tragically, the skirt met it’s end when I was moving chairs around on my deck and rusty water spilled on it.  It was stained badly all over and couldn’t be salvaged.

Not long ago I stumbled on what I thought was a fun fabric and an opportunity to replace my skirt.  Oh, how wrong I was.  First of all let me say that this is such a simple project I should have knocked this one out of the park but my fabric choice turned out to be horrible and even while I was cutting out the pattern I realized this was going no where good.

So without further ado . . . here is the disaster.



Oh where to start?  So many horrid outcomes.  It was huge, as you can see.  It also was textured which I thought was unique until I started cutting it out and realized this was about to create chaos, which it did.

Don’t even get me started on this . . .


Don’t even ask me.  It’s just horrid.



Basically, I have no words.  My 17 year-old saw the pictures and asked where the skirt was, but it was long gone.  I literally took the pictures and dumped it in the trash.  Onward we go.  No looking back on this one.  I can hardly look at the photos.

This especially should assure you that sewing will be punctuated with failures.  My first flop was due to a fabric choice but the actual construction of the dress was actually quite good.  The second was a seriously complicated Vogue dress and the construction was good but executions was rough.  This . . .  this skirt is a simple pattern.  I’ve done waaaaaay harder things.  This is embarrassing, mostly because the construction is a mess!  Sigh.

See you next month for the next Flop Friday!

It’s a Flop Friday, Vintage Flop

Sooooo . . . this dress.


It has a history.  In 2014, My family grew a bit.  I was suddenly the mom to five instead of three.  Being the slightly crazy lady I am, I decided that going an a month long road trip 3000 plus miles, by myself, with said five children was a wise plan.  My husband just shook his head, knowing it was dumb and yet knowing talking me out of things just isn’t worth it at times.  So I did it.  I drove 3000 miles with my kids, solo parented for a month and successfully drained my emotional and parenting tank to empty.

As I attempted to refill and reconnect with my weary self, I pulled out the sewing machine.  It had long been in retirement but the two of us reunited in the attempt to return my sanity.

After two window treatment projects I decided I’d attempt this dress.  I diligently searched for what I thought would be the perfect fabric.  I carefully and meticulously cut it out and then . . . my upstairs bathroom flooded dirty water in my kitchen, my husband announced our next relocation to a state 20 some hours by car from our house, I threw a grad party for my oldest while seeing to the house repairs, listing a house and moving.  The dress found itself in a box on it’s way cross country, still in pieces.

After I found some footing in my new state, I proceeded to emancipate my poor dress from the box it had been exiled to.  Joyful, I started sewing . . .

The good news . . . it’s done.  It’s been a learning experience.  Bad news . . .


It just didn’t turn out.  So many issues, where to begin?

I didn’t do the pleats.  It was just not working out and the pattern I picked in retrospect was above my pay grade.  I needed way more practice and I attempted to taylor it as I went.  Pretty sure that was a huge mistake.



So I took out the insert part to see if the dress could be salvageable . . .



Um . . . still a no.  It’s not comfortable.  It’s rather busty looking.  It’s just a no.  But ever the optimists, I searched my closet for the accessory that would save it from certain doom.  A belt.


That would still be a big no.  I know what you are thinking, it’s fine.  But I have so many other dresses that I love that I simply will never wear this.  It was a learning experience that is still taking up space in my closet.  I may try to reimagine it into something else but overall, it’s a Flop!

I wish I could say Flop Friday is coming to an end but I’ll have another one for you next month and I’m fairly certain more in the months to come.

It’s a Flop Friday! It was a Minnie Flop

So I’ve decided Friday is the day where I show you my mess ups, mishaps and concepts that just didn’t pan out.

I LOVE vintage clothes, patterns and dresses.  My pinterest is FULL of my love for vintage.

So I thought, since I can sew and there are vintage patterns, this must be a recipe for success!  Think again.

Finding the patterns is no issue, but deciding what fabric to bless those patterns with is an entirely different thing.  Let’s just say the vision didn’t meet the result.

After much perusing on Pinterest I came to the very astute conclusion that polkadots are a trademark vintage fabric.  Perhaps, but someone else has trademarked them as well.  Can you guess who?



That’s right!  I have the the distinct privilege of now owning my own custom Minnie-Mouse dress.  I’m all set for Disney World or a halloween party but this one isn’t likely to venture out of the house for other destinations.

What can I say?  They won’t all be successes, and since I like sewing late at night with a glass of wine, some dear friends got some funny videos of me in my dress realizing my unexpected destination of Minnie-Mouse.  Sigh.

I did like the pattern, I will attempt it again because it is an easy pattern, a good fit and flattering.  It was fun to make . . .  until the reveal.  So perhaps the next attempt won’t land on Friday Flop.

Sadly, my other venture into vintage didn’t go quite as planned either.  And I’m guessing there will be more flops since I have no intention of giving up.  Next week, I’ll show you how this gem turned out.

See ya next Friday!