Week 36, my sewing has been hijacked

When you go to a fabric store with three boys with very active imaginations trailing behind, they flip through pattern catalogues and begin to see possibilities.

Then they mention that you’ve made tons for yourself but not much for them.  That’s a great point and hard to argue with.  So here are the results of their imaginations, a little of their time and sewing, and TONS of my time and sewing.


My oldest and youngest sons picked this pattern . . .


This pattern only goes to size eight, I had to add inches for my oldest since he’s 10 and wears a size 10 for length.  He fell in love with this armor cosplay fabric a year ago.  He’s been begging for it ever since.  That fabric is $40/yard so I wasn’t jumping at the opportunity to buy it.  I don’t buy fabric that expensive for outfits I’ll wear for years let alone dress up that won’t fit him in a couple of years.  He finally wore me down, and a 60% off coupon got him his dream.  He’s beyond happy with it, and he made a majority of the pants himself.


My little guy wanted something similar, he’s a size 5 in this pattern.


And my middle son wanted his own design, something that had Poison ivy flare and a similar look.  So we took this Robin Hood style pattern and made it work for what he wanted.


They all love their designs and my hours of work.  They are deep in imagining and running around the house in their costumes as I type this.


So although my goal was one thing a week I made 10 pieces for these three costumes.  I think I exceeded my goal a bit!  They are very happy costumers and now I can sew for me.  🙂


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