Starting Over With What Works

I, like many people, am beyond exhausted by this pandemic.  A reality I never saw coming, as an empathic person I look at all the reports and feel so much pain knowing all that people are suffering.  It feels like there is no end in sight and that while I think this new reality is temporary, I think it’s a longer temporary than I would like.

I started this blog from an emotionally exhausted place in October of 2017.  I challenged myself to make one new thing a week for a year to help climb out of a tough place.  It worked.  I felt renewed, filled.  Committing to spending time each week doing something I loved and challenging my brain to learn new things was the perfect recipe for climbing out of my slump.

I feel I’m in a similar emotional place.  So it begins again.

I’m doing another year long challenge.  I think it will help me navigate the current normal and pass the time in a productive way as we attempt to return to some version of our former normal.

I have some projects cut out and started.  I’ve been working through those to start with.  This first dress was in that pile.  I cut it out late summer 2019 and as the weather cooled, I got swept up in sewing for the fall and winter.  I’ve made this pattern before and LOVED it.  I think it’s a pretty easy make and it fits like a glove with no alterations.  When I made this the first time I meticulously cut it out to get a specific look.  This time around only the front bodice was given any extra attention.  I wanted the pattern spaced specifically on the front.

Bodice darts done and front assembled 

I love the result.  It’s a dreamy, flowing summer dress.


This fabric is from Joann Fabrics and it was still at my local Joann in Grapevine, Texas as of yesterday when I was there.  The pattern is by Simplicity, 8635.  I almost always make a size 14 and this was no exception.  A few people have commented on Instagram that they love it but would need to wear a bra.  I am.  I can’t get away with not wearing a bra in anything, I’m 39 and nursed three babies.  I wear a strapless and it works great with this dress.

Here is the original dress I made from this pattern last summer.  And notice how great my hair was back when I saw my hair dresser with regularity, LOL!


That’s it for this week.  I’ll also include the link for the blog post to when I originally made this dress.


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