Teaching Sewing

I don’t love teaching sewing but it seems like everyone wants to learn, so I’m trying to improve my teaching skills.

This week my seven year old announced he wanted to sew.  I, of course, had to trace a new pattern for him since he’s grown.  He wasn’t a fan of the delay but once I had that done, I helped him cut out and sew his own shirt.  He promptly announced that he is now ready to make a tuxedo next.  Heaven, help me!


Any teaching tips from those that love teaching?


  1. I love that your boys [well at least one of them!] want to sew! My boys learned along with my daughter, but although they didn’t go much further with a machine, they learned many important skills! One of them restores cars and has done some upholstery work! My daughter, who was much more particular than me, went to ‘State’ every year for the 4H Fair, was recruited for a job in the college costume shop, and now has a very busy Etsy shop- which began as a way to pay for their international adoption. Being in an educational group like 4H helps so much in their inspiration, confidence and learning through both the ‘process’ and from their peers, leaders and judges along the way! As the parent, there is a fine line between helping them learn, and letting them learn from their own mistakes…. But it looks to me like you already did a great job at that!! His shirt looks awesome and so does his SMILE!! =)


    1. Thank you. I hope they all continue to learn it. It’s a hard skill to teach for me because it is hard to be patient and watch mistakes happen. I know they need to mess it up to learn. I made costumes for my sons play recently and it was so fun and interesting. I think I would have loved doing that in my early twenties! That’s awesome that your daughter has used and developed the skills!

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  2. Keep up the good work!! It’s impressive!! So ‘healthy’ to be doing positive things during this time!! Blessings on you all!! sue =)

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