Transformation Tuesday: the shower curtain addition

When I originally started this blog I had tons of ideas.  Those ideas tapered off as I endeavored to do a cross country move and construct a new life once again in a new state.

One of those genius ideas was Transformation Tuesday.  I love seeing other people’s refashions.  I love that people find ways to give things new life, especially when you see how much the clothing industry is polluting the world.  I would say that refashioning is not an area of strength in my sewing.  I rely heavily on patterns and I’m great at following instructions, not designing my own things.  I feel refashioning requires a creativity that I either lack or haven’t properly developed.  But here’s a recent attempt.

I had this old shower curtain.  I’m done with it so there’s usually only two options 1) throw it away or 2) give it to a donation place like the Goodwill.  So much of what we donate does eventually end up in the landfill so I’m trying to be more mindful about what I donate and if it can have a second life here at my home.

This shower curtain looked like a landfill item unless I repurposed it here.  It matches our outdoor couch really well so I wondered if I could make it into a table cloth.  It wasn’t my best work, I would do a few things differently next time but overall I’m happy with how it turned out and that I have this option for our outdoor picnics since it’s pretty hard to get the table super clean.

A bit of bias tape and some leftover buttons in my stash and this refashion cost nothing and was pretty fast.


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