November Sewing

As promised at least three projects were completed in November.  I blogged about the repurpose here

The inspiration piece and piece that I needed in my wardrobe are these . . .


I’ve made this bodysuit before, you can read about that here.

I wished I would have made a larger size or taken smaller seam allowances.  The first one I made was out of a knit with greater stretch so I didn’t expect it to fit differently, lesson learned.  I need simple separates in my closet so that’s why the bodysuit was a project.  It actually was also a reusing project since I squeezed it out of my scraps from these two previous projects.

The fabric is officially used up.  Pants and bodysuit for me, t-shirt for my little guy.

The jumper or dungaree dress depending on what part of the world you come from was from the Sew House Seven pattern from Simplicity.


The fabric was a random find on my Minnesota trip in the warehouse style fabric store, S.R.Harris.  I wish I would have found more.  I love this fabric and would love more things out of it.

I’m slowing down my sewing speed this year and trying to be so meticulous about construction.  This is a double edge sword.  I’m over the moon about the construction and quality of this make but sometimes the perfectionism is becoming problematic.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier.  The pattern was great to work with, the construction is meticulous and the finished product is amazing.

I did view D and they don’t call for a zipper.  I did add one anyway.  I could get it on without but it was tight and I don’t want to not be able to wear this if I put on five pounds.  It’s forgiving fabric and style makes it a good piece to have as our female bodies inevitably fluctuate.  Pieces like this make it easy to embrace that natural ebb and flow that the seasons of the year invite.


I’ve done other sewing this month.  I started making reusable gift bags from my apron sewing scraps.  I’m going to create a tutorial for that soon.


I also made a matching no sew scarf.


I also am almost done with two other pieces for my wardrobe.  Since I’m taking my time one must be pulled apart before it’s finished.  There are several serious issues with the pattern that should have been caught in pattern testing.  I’ll make sure I catalogue those for anyone that chooses to attempt the pattern after me.


Happy sewing, friends!




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