Week 48, the forgotten bodysuit

Upon returning from Minnesota I addressed the pile of previously cut out projects.  One of them was this bodysuit.  I’m actually very bummed that not only did I not finish this project sooner that I didn’t decide to make a bodysuit over a year ago.  I’ve bought a couple and they don’t fit that well.  The one I made fits like a glove.  I added an inch to the body and the sleeves.  It’s so comfortable and it was my first attempt to add snaps with a tool and it worked perfectly.

I had originally mistaken the grain on this fabric and cut everything out on the stretch instead of the grain.  That realization came after I cut everything out and my frustration with myself over this mistake is what derailed me from continuing the project until now. The mistake seemed to have had no impact on the finished product since there was so much stretch in both directions.

IMG_1739 2IMG_1761 3IMG_1812 4IMG_1822 4IMG_1823 3

My project is the sleeves of View D and the body of View B.

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