For week #50 of my #oneprojectaweekforayear challenge, I made myself custom pajamas. I was excited about adding piping as a skill. I hadn’t attempted it before and my excitement, of course, seems weird to anyone other than sewing enthusiasts.
I loved constructing the pajamas and was amazed at how much I loved having perfectly fitted pajamas. I hadn’t realized before how annoyed I was at pajamas. So often I’d buy them, and they’d shrink. The frustration of wearing something you hate because you paid good money for it was mixed with the realization that buying something else will likely conclude with the same results. Frustration barely begins to describe pajamas. I had no idea I harbored such annoyance until I slipped on my first me made pajamas.
I just completed my fifth pair of pajamas and now feel I can move on. My pajama drawer is now curated to perfectly fit me and, of course, be the picture of comfort. Soft fabrics fill it to its brim and I will now always wear pajamas to bed rather than my clothes (sad but true) or my husbands T-shirt and sweatpants. He will be delighted that I no longer pilfer his undershirts.
Week 50’s pajamas . . .
Next I made the same pair over again, I was that in love with the pattern.
Then I switched from flannels to knits for the final three pajama sets.

The pattern didn’t have a short sleeve option for the two pair on the left so I adjusted the pattern for both the pant length and the sleeve length.  I love how much customizing I’m learning to do as time progresses.  With sewing, the options are limitless!!!




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