Flop Friday – The Grey Skirt

So a few years back when Maxi skirts and dresses became so much more popular I snagged a grey maxi skirt from target.  I literally grabbed it and threw it in my cart and hoped for the best as I flew through Target with my three small sons in tow.  Shopping for clothes and actually trying things on was paramount to torture with my three busy boys, so I threw it in and hoped for the best.  I LOVED that skirt.  I wore it often.  Here it is, I went to a conference in Texas with my step-mother-in-law.


Try to disregard the hair.  The skirt fit like a glove and it was so comfy while giving the appearance of effort.  Tragically, the skirt met it’s end when I was moving chairs around on my deck and rusty water spilled on it.  It was stained badly all over and couldn’t be salvaged.

Not long ago I stumbled on what I thought was a fun fabric and an opportunity to replace my skirt.  Oh, how wrong I was.  First of all let me say that this is such a simple project I should have knocked this one out of the park but my fabric choice turned out to be horrible and even while I was cutting out the pattern I realized this was going no where good.

So without further ado . . . here is the disaster.



Oh where to start?  So many horrid outcomes.  It was huge, as you can see.  It also was textured which I thought was unique until I started cutting it out and realized this was about to create chaos, which it did.

Don’t even get me started on this . . .


Don’t even ask me.  It’s just horrid.



Basically, I have no words.  My 17 year-old saw the pictures and asked where the skirt was, but it was long gone.  I literally took the pictures and dumped it in the trash.  Onward we go.  No looking back on this one.  I can hardly look at the photos.

This especially should assure you that sewing will be punctuated with failures.  My first flop was due to a fabric choice but the actual construction of the dress was actually quite good.  The second was a seriously complicated Vogue dress and the construction was good but executions was rough.  This . . .  this skirt is a simple pattern.  I’ve done waaaaaay harder things.  This is embarrassing, mostly because the construction is a mess!  Sigh.

See you next month for the next Flop Friday!

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