week 13

I’m back! Yes, it’s been awhile.

2020 and even 2021 have been such adventures, and not always in a good way. I turn 40 soon which should have been in and of itself an adjustment, but layer it over the events of the past year and I certainly feel differently than I normally would have about taking on this new decade of life.

I’ve found it hard to sew this year. My husband and sons are here all of the time and we’ve had revolving guests as well. I truly miss my long days in the sewing room when the house was silent except for the occasional sounds of the cats running through the house.

I’ve recently wandered back into the sewing room and began working on my piles of fabrics. I made an orange Stasia Tee the other day and once I saw it with a yellow gingham remnant I had, I started to feel inspired to create another capsule wardrobe.

And so it has begun, the second capsule wardrobe. This orange Stasia Tee inspired it and I’ve been building from there. The first bottom I made was the remnant from this shirt.

This shirt was cute except for the neckline which I couldn’t seem to fix.

I should have lengthened the shirt and frankly I have no idea what is up with the neckline so this make is clearly gone in the flop category.

Luckily there was enough fabric left over to squeeze a skirt out of it.

The skirt is Simplicity pattern 1110 and this version is very easy and fast to make. It’s an ideal beginner project because there are no complicated closures. It’s supposed to have two pieces of elastic in the waist band but I loved the look with just one and the ruffle it created at the top of the skirt.

Until next week!

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