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Is is a flop or a flashback?

When I first started sewing again I started by using patterns and fabrics that I felt were easy.  I think working with wovens, calico type fabrics, is easy.  They don’t stretch, and they don’t slip while sewing.

I made this pattern and although the construction went well I’m fairly certain I’ll never wear the dress.  It isn’t flattering, I’m not impressed with my fabric selection and it’s not comfortable.  That’s basically the trifecta of not going to happen.

The pattern itself was easy to follow and I had no issues with it.  It’s just not my cup of tea.


I made views A and B, size 12


What do you think?  What patterns have you tried that didn’t quite meet your vision?

TBT – A Pinterest Inspired Shrug

Many of us have spent hours pinning things to our virtual bulletin boards on Pinterest, dreaming of all of the crafts and projects we are destined to pull of without incident.  I found a clothing item that I loved and thought, “I bet I could make that.”

I set off to look for a pattern and the perfect fabric.  As it turns out the pattern wasn’t the issue but the fabric was.  I’m finding that acquiring the fabric that matches the vision is my constant challenge.  Instead, I now roam the aisles of fabric stores looking for fabric that I can be inspired by rather than looking for specific pieces.

Here was my pinterest inspiration piece . . .


Photo was taken from pinterest and originally sourced from, (which seems to no longer exist).

And here is my piece . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the end I settled.  I got tired of looking and felt like with my fabric store options this was as close as I was getting.

It turned out well but I still prefer the pinterest inspiration piece.  The chevron is in style, very rich looking and sophisticated.

The pattern is very easy to make and I easily finished it in an afternoon.  I’m still hopeful that I can replicate the pinterest piece, I always have my eye out for a chevron in this fabric, perhaps someday.

Here is the pattern I used . . .


I did view B, size Medium


Throwback Thursday Butterick B6455

Hey there, in the chaos of the holiday seasons the extra posts that I throw in here didn’t make it.  So as we are rounding into the new year and things are becoming slightly less chaotic I’ve pulled one together for you.

Shortly before I started this blog I sewed this fun shirt with a rem I picked up in the Dallas fabric district.


Butterick B6455 Size Medium

When I saw the fabric I knew I could do something fun with it.  The way the pattern was laid out was certain to make an interesting shirt that definitely didn’t look homemade.

This was one of the first projects I made with this type of fabric so it was a learning experience.  I’ve made several things in this type of fabric since and I’m seeing improvements and feel like my execution is getting better and better.

Best of all, it was easy and quick to make and since I had left overs from this dress . . .


I’m using my scraps to see if I like it as a shirt.  I’ll whip that one up after Christmas.  I’d do it now but my serger thread needs to be changed and I loathe changing it . . .


Have a great holiday season with your families!

Throwback Thursday: Halloween

When I left home at 19, I essentially left behind sewing as well.  There were very few projects that I did from then until this past year.  Something that I truly had some natural talent for was discarded because I didn’t have the supplies anymore or the inclination to buy them.  Here was one of the few items that pulled me out of retirement.

Silas desperately wanted to be the Bad Apple from Veggie Tales and David wanted to be Larry boy.  If you aren’t familiar with those, Veggie Tales is a Christian television series geared toward teaching moral lessons to children.  There are not costumes for these characters, because these aren’t standard requests from children.  There are also not patterns for such requests.  So for David’s I crafted that fun from scratch and for the Apple I just used a pumpkin costume.


Luckily, I got to reuse the pumpkin pattern years later for a standard pumpkin request.  I even had to sew the costume with the child in my lap.  Lucky me.  But he LOVED the result.  I’ve never seen a happier pumpkin!

Check back tomorrow for Flop Friday, I’ll show you a vintage dress I attempted that didn’t turn out as I expected.