The Bleeker Lounge Set

I saw a fellow maker make the Bleeker with some lounge shorts and I thought it was cute. I found this amazing soft fabric on my last trip back to Minnesota. I envisioned it as a Bleeker lounge set, but as of now I can’t quite tell you what I thought of the Bleeker pattern because while the fabric was soft and cozy and overall amazing for a lounge set, it was horrible to sew. I’ve got plans to make another Bleeker from a different type of fabric, so you’ll have to check back to see what my thoughts are on the pattern.

There was a mistake in the pattern instructions and I will note that. On step five when gathering the ruffles the pattern says to put the right sides together, that’s wrong. You need to put the wrong sides together in order to do the gathers and then attach the right sides together when you attach the ruffle to the sleeve. (I did message the designer about the issue so it may get changed.)

Attaching the cuffs to the sleeves was also a rough moment. You really have to stretch to get them on but they look good when you do. I’m going to size down two sizes for my next version and I will add it to this post once it’s finished.

I also added a cuff the the bottom edge. I drafted my own, I like the look and it helped me avoid having to hem this fabric.

The shorts I’ve made before, they are my current lounge shorts go to pattern. They are Simplicity pattern s8651.

Edited and added on 12.11.22

I did make a second version and I it was a much better experience. The fabric I chose this time was a waffle knit and it was much easier to sew on. (The waffle knit was found at Fabrictopia in San Antonio, Texas.) I like the pattern but I did choose to size down two sizes this time around. I am positive that there is a pattern instruction error. I’ve consulted two other seasoned seamstresses and both agreed, when you are assembling the ruffle you put wrong sides together, not right sides. I did reach out to the pattern maker but she hasn’t responded. I didn’t size down on the cuffs and found that it was easier to assemble the cuffs when they were two sizes larger. The first time around I felt like I was stretching the fabric to it’s breaking point in order to get the cuffs on and I wasn’t in love with my sewing once that was done. This time around, the sewing was so much better and something I could be proud of. I didn’t have enough fabric to draft a cuff for the bottom this time around and I will say that after wearing both, I prefer the cuff.

Here is the second version and yes, they are almost the same. What can I say, I fell in love with both fabrics. Both are very soft and cuddly.

Here’s a side by side for comparison.

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