Transformation Tuesdays are BACK!

When I began this blogging and sewing journey back in 2017, I had some ideas about doing refashions every Tuesday, hence the name #transformationtuesday. It didn’t quite happen as I imagined it. This was in large part to my internal belief that I’m simply not good at refashioning. I had many flops and gave it up in favor of focusing on the construction of new garments from fabric.

I’ve decided that just because I’m not that good at it doesn’t mean I should shy away from it. It’s an area where I have a lot of potential for growth so here we are, #tranformationtuesdays are back!

First up we have a top I picked up from the clearance rack at Marshalls with the thought of refashioning. Once I got the top home I had second thoughts and really wondered what on earth to do with the top. The pockets were so high in it that my original refashion idea simply wouldn’t work.

Today I pulled it out of the bin determined to either succeed or ruin it trying, but refused to hold onto it indefinitely.

I can’t remember what I had originally envisioned for the top but since I prefer the high waisted paper bag style shorts, pants and skirts, a half shirt was now an idea that had potential.

Here are the before pictures . . .

This shirt or dress or whatever it is, was too tight at the hips. It was an awkward length on my body and the pockets were too high.

I started by cutting it off above the pockets and adding bias tape to give the hem some body. That. Was. Not. The. Right. Move.

This was clearly not the right choice, it made it too short. The shirt moved in an awkward way. I was feeling even more convinced that this is not my gift. But like I said, ruin it or succeed I wasn’t giving up. I seam ripped the bias tape out and then did a rolled hem. Once again, I wasn’t feeling it. So I took a chunk of the leftover bottom material and fashioned a cuff of sorts and sewed it on the bottom of the shirt and we finally found success!

I think it’s really cute, comfortable and perfect for pairing with my favorite shorts. Here’s a side by side of the before and after.

What do you think?

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