Hello Again

Well, it’s been about 8 months since I posted anything here. I have been sewing but not as much as I used to. In January, I went back to school and that made sewing an almost absent part of my life from January until May. I’ve been back at it this month inspite of taking a class this month. I think I needed the creative time desperately.

What you missed . . .

Last fall I made these fun pants!

The pants are a McCall’s pattern M8206 and the top is a Simplicity pattern S8609. The pants were made with fabric provided by Minerva, a fabric and craft store located in England. I loved how they turned out and I do have another pair cut out that I have yet to sew up.

I also sewed my halloween costume but never got very good pictures, but here are the ones that I have.

I did not make the wicked witch costume just the Dorothy costume. It was rather labor intensive and would have been less expensive to order but I really enjoyed making it.

Next up was this one piece. I really liked the result and it’s like wearing pajamas everywhere you go. This pattern was another McCall’s pattern. That company is quickly becoming my favorite of the big four. I end up remaking my McCalls’s patterns more frequently than the others.

Then I went on a quick sewing journey trying to find stuff that my middle child would love and feel like reflects their style.

I made several of these shirts. The Shakira one was a women’s XL from Old Navy that was on clearance for $5. I used leftover fabric from the other shirts I’d been making to create new sleeves. This is a Simplicity pattern s8613 and I made the smallest size but then had to shorten the pattern and take out a bit of the length in the neck.

I needed more long sleeved shirts in my wardrobe so I tried out Simplicity pattern s9385.

That catches things up through the end of May, when my finals were over and I was back to normal life. In the next post I’ll share all the makes so far this month. I’m on a roll, I’ve made 4 or 5 tops and two bottoms so far with much more planned.

Happy Sewing, friends!

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