Knit Jumpsuits

Recently, I’ve hit a point were I want to wear nothing in my closet except knit jumpsuits, this is a problem since I only own one. While I might not care at my age what people think of me wearing the same outfit everyday, my sense of smell has finally returned after it’s six month Covid induced vacation and I don’t care to smell bad. Thus, it must be washed and I must wear sadly other less comfortable clothes.

This lack of jumpsuits in my closet has started me on the hunt for possible patterns. This was my first attempt at sewing one of my own. I’ve made a few jumpsuits, but never out of knit.

McCall’s M8204 is a relatively new pattern as of this post. I made quite a few changes to it. I added three inches into the length of the crotch to bring it way up on the sides and the chest. This would be significantly lower on the sides had I not done that.

I also added several inches to the ties. I really don’t know how this pattern would have fit without both of these extra lengths that I added. In a perfect world, I’d have the time, patience and extra fabric to experiment but I don’t.

If I make it again, which I’m toying with the idea of doing, I think I’ll take an inch out of the length. I wonder if I’d like just regular straps instead of ties next time, so I might play with that. I’m waiting to see how the make washes up before I make my final decision because I don’t love how the very top lays on my chest and I’m wondering if I need to make a change to that pattern piece. It would mean some redrafting which I don’t love.

I can tell you that it’s beyond comfortable and is a very easy pattern to assemble. I also solved a problem by doing this pattern. I’ve made things in the past with the same kind of side pockets and it’s turned out horribly. The construction in this was different and fixed the problem. I think that is the part I’m most excited about in this make. I’ll never have side pockets fail in the future because of this technique I learned from this pattern.

I’ve already got another jumpsuit cut out. I’ll be posting that one soon to let you know what I think about that pattern.

Drop any pattern recommendations in the comments! Here is a picture of the pair I’m currently wearing one to two times a week! It’s getting worn out pretty quickly!

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