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Apparently, my body was starving for creativity and sewing because I’m on a pretty impressive sewing binge.

I’ve always loved these McCall’s shorts and I’ve already made a bunch of them. I made a white pair this month and I finally made a longer version that I liked. A while ago I tried the pattern in a sportswear and hated the result so much I turned the pants into a skirt. It saved the project but I knew I’d need to change fabrics if I were ever to try it again.

I’ve fallen in love with these half shirts and they fit with the McCall’s shorts so well. It’s an amazing match and has become my go to outfit for the summer.

Here’s the white pair with a sleeveless version of the top, both new makes this month!

These are the more fitted version of the McCall’s pants and in a polyester suiting they have a better drape than in sportswear. I had to take some of the width out of the pant legs but that was the only adjustment. I love them and I made this top to match.

I also made these two tops as well.

I have quite the collection of these tops and shorts going and I love it! They are so flattering and I feel amazing in them.

Next up is the wide legged version of the pants and a whole bunch of tops! Can’t wait to show you all of them.

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