The lounge sets

The sewing continues on my beach/summer wardrobe with these two lounge/pajama sets. I’m in love with them both. Let’s talk about the “sailor set” first. Why “sailor set”, well, because that’s what my husband called it as I very excitedly ran to show him it. I was so over the top in love with it that even his lack of appreciation couldn’t even touch my excitement.

The top is the Halifax hoodie by Hey June Handmade and the bottom is Simplicity pattern S8651. This is the most comfortable thing I’ve made so far and I LOVE it. I made XL for the top which surprised me quite a bit that this size was perfect for me. I wouldn’t have wanted it smaller. The yoke piece is very confusing to cut out and mine is actually pieced because I messed it up. I plan on redrafting the piece when I make it again. I made note on the pattern so hopefully I don’t ever make the mistake again. It was easy to sew up other than that issue, and, frankly, I was very surprised to encounter something like this in an indie pattern.

The second set, the pajamas are these.

Shirring is all the rage right now and I had to try it! Spoiler alert, this are my favorite pajamas now. Originally, I had intended to make this a top to wear but the fabric wasn’t quite as opaque as I had hoped. I took the extra yard left over from making the top and whipped up a second version of Simplicity S8651. The shirring is way easy than you think and a full tutorial can be found in the highlights at Bringingbacksewing on instagram. Catherine had all the details and they are easy to follow.

I’m off to make two more sets of these out of sheets I bought in the clearance section of target!!! Give shirring a try, it’s so fun!

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