Summer Woven Tops

I love wearing knits and I really like tight fitting knits but they aren’t very forgiving for the female figure.  I tend to fluctuate up and down about 15 pounds throughout the year and when I’m up I don’t care for how the tight fitting knits look.  These woven summer tops are more forgiving of the ebb and flow of my exercise routine.

I’ve made quite a few woven summer tops recently and in the past year.  Here are the patterns I’ve used and the makes from them.

First up is . . . IMG_2860IMG_2873IMG_3166

Simplicity 8642 has four sleeve options but this is the only one I’ve felt inspired to make.  I LOVE this sleeve but I don’t love the neckline.  The neckline is too high and confining.

I decided to try Simplicity 8602 next . . . I wanted to do view C but my copy of the pattern is missing the piece for that view’s sleeve ruffle.  I made it up at I went instead and ended up with this.


The ruffle looked matronly on the arm but even after I removed it I didn’t like the shirt.  It took me some time but I finally pin pointed that I didn’t like it because of the neckline.  So I redrafted the neckline and made it again in white.


I think this neckline is so much more flattering.  So I immediately made another . . .

This was a rem leftover from this make . . .


I LOVE this fabric and I’m excited to have a basic shirt out of it.

This week I whipped up yet another make from this pattern.  I once again used an adjusted neckline, but this time I made view A sleeve.

And then I decided I’d try the McCalls version of this shirt.  This pattern boasts slightly different sleeve choices and I was looking forward to trying a couple of them out.

First I made this shirt . . .

The sleeves are a little too tight and that wasn’t discovered until it was too late to let them out.  The sleeves are somewhat labor intensive.  I decided to finish the neckline with bias tape instead of a facing.



Overall, I’m content with the shirt and fit but not thrilled.  So I made another . . .

But this time I added an inch to each sleeve width and I love the fit.


Another woven shirt make from my year challenge is this one . . .


I haven’t remade this pattern since it forces me to wear a strapless bra when I wear it.

I drafted my own basic front for all of these patterns so that the bust dart is customized to me.  I made it a couple of times before I realized I needed to slow down and create a template for where a bust dart falls on my body.  Can you tell the difference?

While this top is very cute and the sleeves are to die for the bust dart ends too high.  It should be down at least an inch and out just a little further.
In contrast this bust dart is perfect, but it was drafted for my body.  Fit takes patience I don’t always have but I never regret it.

That’s quite the round up of tops, pictures, and patterns.

What is your favorite summer fabric, woven or knit?  What are some of your favorite summer top patterns?


  1. I tend to make a mixture of both – but to me a woven top just looks more “put together”. I like rayon blend knits – all poly & the brushed poly everyone seems to be so crazy about is just too dang hot for the humid summers here in NC! For woven tops I tend to go with the peasant style like B6455 – just made a newer one B6632 out of gauze from Joanns that turned out pretty good. I have a couple of the newest Butterick top patterns coming in the mail to try out soon. I’m getting ready to make NL6621 out of black striped gauze, also from Joanns. And yes! I agree with you on the high crew neck style of almost every new McCalls pattern- and alot of Simplicity too- what’s up with that? Not comfortable or flattering on me at all! Really enjoy your blog & IG – can’t wait to see what you make next!

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    1. Thank you!!! Yes, I’ve searched and they only seem to do that neckline, WHY? It looks matronly. I don’t need it to show cleavage but wow, it’s so high. I’ve made two shirts from B6455, love them! They are on here somewhere.
      I just finished making M7922 so that will be up soon. My plan for the summer is two projects/blog posts per week and then for the month of September I’m trying to come up with a personal challenge inspired by project runway. Should be insanely challenging but fun to watch so stay tuned!


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