The Christmas Party Outfit!

In January, my husband and I flew back to Utah for a Christmas party.  As soon as I heard about the trip I had a vision in my head of an outfit.  Unfortunately, only the top made it on the trip.  My first attempt at pants was a fail.  I recently tried again and I’m very happy with the result.


The top is a wrap top made out of sportswear fabric from Joann’s.  It’s one of many wrap tops I’ve made and one of my favorites.


I was also able to take it on my girls trip in February.  I get so excited to go on trips these days and see my suitcase fill up with clothes I made.


The top was fun to make and there were no issues with the pattern or instructions.  I added an inch of length to the sleeves, which is my standard practice.

I used the same pattern for these pants as I used for my overalls.


I love love love the fit of these and really wanted to make the pants again.  Finally, I learned a lesson I think my experiences were trying to teach me but I’m a bit thick at times and I was missing it.  Fabric can make or break a make.  I used sportswear for the red pants and it’s my only complaint with this make.  I wish they were in stretch denim.  I’ve decided, while I love using sportswear for tops, skirts and sometimes even dresses, pants are not a good fit for this fabric.  The fabric is more honest than denim and on thighs prone to cellulite, I prefer forgiving fabrics that don’t show every dimple and curve.

Overall, I’m happy with them and look forward to making both of these patterns again.


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I'm a mom to five, a wife to one and love sewing. I learned when I was a little girl but returned to it in full force in the last couple of years. The process of creating things keeps me sane. I set a lofty goal for myself, one project a week for a year. I did it and I'm doing it again! I'm amazed at how much I've learned and improved. Set a goal to learn something new and devote weekly time to it. You will be amazed at the results.


    1. Its hard to describe. It usually has a bit of stretch but not much. Its not as thick as denim but thicker than shirting. I’m not sure why it’s named that. If you have a Joann Fabrics near you, they have a whole section in their clothing fabrics.


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