Refashions intimidate me like crazy.  I see other people doing them on instagram and I marvel.  It feels like a foreign language, but I’m really trying to push myself.  I wanted to finish this make badly.  On more than one occasion I brought it to the cutting table only to chicken out and put it back in the refashion stash.  But today, something was different and I don’t know what it was.  I pulled it out and it felt less scary.  I told myself that it didn’t matter if it turned out and grabbed the scissors.

This is one of my husband’s work shirts with a logo on it that he can’t wear anymore.  He put it in the donation pile and I snatched it back.  I’ve refashioned old work shirts of his before.  I took two shirts and made our youngest a pair of shorts.

Since there was only one shirt I wasn’t sure I had enough fabric to pull off that refashion again.  I also was wanting to try something new.

I had enough fabric to make view A from this McCall’s pattern.


I’ve made view B before.

I felt a little braver knowing something about the pattern and the fit.  Let the cutting begin!  I wanted the buttons as the enclosure in the back and I wanted to save the hem line.  It proved to be tedious to preserve those but I hoped it was merely an exchange.  I hoped the time I spent saving these details would pay me back on not having to hem the shirt or work on a closure.

I wouldn’t have ever bought this material for myself but I really wanted to start getting some refashioning practice and develop some bravery in this area.  I’m happy to say I’m thrilled with the outcome.


Before and After:

What do you think?  Do you like seeing refashion projects as much as I do?  Do they intimidate you?


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