Transformation Tuesday

We are moving and with moving comes purging.  Each closet has seen the wrath of the move and the master closet was not spared either.  Last night my husband and I went through our closets and three of the pieces that landed in the pile are these two work shirts and my black, knit maxi skirt.

As they lay there I had an idea.  Later that night we watched old episodes of Parks and Recreation and I cut out shorts and a T-shirt for my 5 year old from these nearly donated pieces.

I don’t attempt transformation pieces often because they usually end in disaster for me, and, perhaps, because they are forced instead of inspired.  This project was very much inspired.  I looked at the pieces and instantly knew what they should become.  Just an hour of my time later they were transformed.


A brand new raglan t-shirt and these cute Burda shorts!  This success just might lead to more posts like this.  It sure is fun to use something that would otherwise be discarded and give it new life!


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