A couple of bonus projects

The move is ramping up and that means stress.  I spent a day in the sewing room cranking out projects that were cut out to both relieve stress and limit what was being transported in cut out form.  Here are the fruits of that day of labor or fun, however you look at it.

My youngest child started kindergarten and I made him his first day of school outfit as well as some extra shorts.  I love these Burda Patterns and highly recommend both.


I HAD to make an apron for a little girl I know here before I moved away!  She’s one of my favorite little people.  Of course, she needed a matching apron for her doll and an apron for her mom and brother.

Statement sleeves are my favorite trend EVER!  Had to sneak in this make before summer ends.

I’ve made this before in a patterned material and really wanted to try it out in black.  Which do you like better?

And then finally . . . an apron.  I love aprons and cherries. LOL!

Hopefully today I’ll finish up two more projects that are in process and can show you those!  Happy sewing friends!

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