Week 47, sewing for fall

I’ve been looking around on Amazon for a good sketch book.  I wanted figures already sketched that I could start sketching clothing ideas on.  As I clicked through the possibilities I was underwhelmed.

Randomly I found My Body Model.  I was poking around on Instagram and found them.  It’s a website/app that allows you to put in your own measurements and they compile a figure that meets your specific body specifications.  I’m hooked.


I entered my info and purchased my unique body model.  I’ve been sketching my projects out on the figure and couldn’t be happier with it.

This project is the first project that I sketched out before starting.

Even the kids wanted in on the fun.  I had to print off extras for them and they proceeded to make up super hero characters I could be.

The original design has the back longer than the front.  I don’t mind it on the pattern or on the sketch but in person I’m not a fan of it.  I’ve cut the back to match the length of the front and I think that was the right move.


This fabric is a knit I picked up at Joann Fabrics and it’s so soft.  This make should see a lot of use this fall.  It’s so cozy and comfy.

The pattern itself was easy, no issues.  I added an inch to the sleeve length which is a standard measure for me now.



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